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    Sunnya��s Indian Kitchen gets a makeover

    Sunnya��s Indian Kitchen has not just relocated to a more visible address but has also included in its menu, a fine selection of Thai dishes a�� an assault on the senses from what we experienced. Catering to patrons who like desi fare along with something a bit novel on the side, the restaurant has retained its Sindhi classics like khadi, seyal bheendi, whole wheat kokis and sai bhaji. Plus, popular staples like appams, non-vegetarian thali, black pepper lamb and fish or prawn curry with white rice are still featured on the menu.

    More spacious than its previous location, interiors continue to be basic, with sensible seating and notA� much fuss around decor elements save for the various miniature statues on the walls. But with the food so exceptionally well prepared, the aesthetics hardly matter.
    Bangkok flavours.

    The Thai section is a comprehensive list of both standard and rare delicacies like raw mango and papaya salad, tom kha hed ruam, and massaman lamb curry. Skipping starters, we went straight for the main course. The red curry with chicken was refreshing and bursting with the flavour of lemon grass and made extra special with the addition of diced aubergine. TheA� Thai a�?papera�� prawns while good were not as spot on as we expected. The pad Thai was sensational with its mix of roasted garlic and peanuts, palm sugar and fish sauce, taking one back to the streets of Bangkok. The flat noodle dish went great with the Thai style beef with broccoli a�� thin slices of beef in a Thai sauce, which would have been a tad bit too salty if eaten without something on the side.

    Rs. 1,500 for two. At Lavelle Road. Details: 41329366

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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