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    A Korean artist offers her visions of nature in a new show

    In an age where children are taught the importance of preserving nature, it is heartening to see artists like Mi Yeon Kim trying to do their bit for the same. The Korean expat who is hosting a show in the city this week, has majored in Food and Nutrition (from Yangsan University, South Korea), but she prefers to direct her love for nature on canvas. ai???I started painting three years ago. Right now, I have 15 paintings in my kitty, and I am working on a few more,ai??? says Kim, adding that she finds inspiration to paint even in her own private garden. As they say, charity begins at home.

    Kim specialises in working with the traditional hanji paper (handmade using the inner bark of the native paper mulberry tree in Korea). Inside her tool kit you will find acrylics, pastels and colour pencils, using which she has come up with most of her signature works. Some of these are currently on display at the InKo Centre. With nature in prime focus, the paintings stay true to the traditional Oriental style of painting.

    When she is not brushing strokes, Kim keeps herself busy with a number of other hobbies, for example, playing the piano, which she learnt when she was very young. Her piano prowess inspired her to learn the cello as well. ai???Playing instruments gives meAi?? peace of mind that helps me while I paint,ai??? she says. But if you really want to see her in full bloom, try spotting her painting a flower or two in any of her drawing classes. Donai??i??t forget your palette in the process and learn a trick or two from the lady herself.

    Exhibition on till February 22. 10 am to 6 pm (except Sundays). At The Gallery, InKo Centre. Details: 24361224

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