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    Dealing with risque topics in their first outing, this theatre group is poised to make a grand entrance

    SENSUOUS and audacious. Thata��s how Venu Doddavarapu R describes the first production of his Theatre For Liberation (TFL). Titled Tiny Tetikasa: The Moonlit Tales, it consists of eight famous, and hilarious one-act plays. It begins with A Matter of Husbands (about infidelity), moves to Bond Segment (boys discussing film heroes), and a few others, before concluding with Arty Telephone, the details of which are a�?top secreta�?.
    Ask the 25-year-old about his choice of scripts, and he says, a�?Sensuality is a fine art. We have dealt with topics such as men talking about a�?hota�� women in a hilarious manner, without being crude. We want people to be comfortable about watching such things.a�?
    a�?To come out of cocoonsa�? is a statement he uses multiple times during our conversation. He says, a�?Theatre lets you open your mind, become comfortable with your body, and makes you courageous. When that happens, ita��s a liberating feeling for me, my actors and audience.a�?
    He shares an example from his own life that resonates with the philosophy of TFL, founded last December. a�?I have a friend, who used to be timid during our school days. In college, he joined a theatre group. One day, a director turned towards him to ask a�?What do you think of this story?a��. He told me that he felt important, that his opinion mattered to someone. Today, he is an actor! But, you see,theatre made him confident,a�? recollects Doddavarapu, who is also a life skill facilitator at a charitable trust. Certified by two clinical psychologists in the UK, as a mentor trainer, he educates college-goers on the best ways to speak to children. As far as his interest in theatre goes, he has always loved being on stage, since school, and has directed a few one-act shows. But this is his first full-length production, comprising four directors, and 22 actors.
    His training methods are different. They start during the auditions. He shares, a�?I asked the participants to use chartpapers, and crayons to make nametags to show me their creative sides. I had them hold each othera��s hands, to let go of bodily inhibitions. We also did an exercise to help them think on their feet, if they forget their lines on stage.a�?
    June 11. At Alliance FranA�aise, Vasanthnagar. 5 pm & 7.30 pm. Tickets (Rs 250) on bookmyshow.com

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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