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    RJ SYED has been lighting up Fever 91.9 ever since he joined the station eight months ago. A doctor by profession, he has a distinct sound and you will never feel bored when hea��s on air. He brings to the table a unique style of presenting that listeners love. Herea��s our chat.

    What made you take up radio as a career?
    Ia��ve always believed in making your passion your profession. Although I am a doctor, Ia��ve never felt I suited the a�?doctor charactera�� because of my craziness. And radio has always been this juicy medium that I wanted to bite into. At 16, I remember walking into a few radio stations in the city, just to hand out my audition tape. From sending emails to radio personalities like Niladri Bose, Big Dheena and Mirchi Ajai to asking them how to become a radio jockey, Ia��ve done it all.

    Tell us about your show?
    My show, Yo Cafe, airs in the afternoon when the people in the city have just finished their plates of biryani and are tripping on their biryani bodhai. So I tend to turn their lazy afternoons into crazy onesa��by making Dwayne Bravo do the dappankuthu and letting Maddy take up the Jinga Bunga challenge, to talking about parties and giving gyan like the paatis. On the music front, I play Bollywood songs, interspersed with some Tamil numbers every alternate hour.

    Where does all that energy come from? What do you have for breakfast?
    Ita��s the love of the listeners, or the a�?jinga bungasa�� as I like to call them. Speaking about what I have for breakfast, ita��s a top secret mix of jinga bunga love, mashed with some unicorn rainbow powder, sprinkled with loads of excitement and a pinch of sunshine. And leta��s not forget the secret ingredient, maa ka pyaar.

    Word out to the listeners?
    Dona��t fall for the a�?log kya kahengea�� trap that society tries to push you into. Make sure you always follow your dreams and goals and work hard towards them with consistency. Be weird, be creative and be yourself. Stay amazing. Stay awesome sauce.

    Catch RJ Syed, every day (except Sundays) from 2 pm to 5 pm. See you next week.


    a�� talkingradio@gmail.com .

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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