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From adventure of the planetary kind to a peaceful swim with turtles, we give you eight ways to spend those extra 24 hours


Cycle tripBike1
Well, by now as an environment friendly person, you must have been enjoying car-free Thursdays and feeling the joy to help the environment remain pollution-free, at least just for one day a week. How about doing it on February 29 – a Monday? You will remember it and perhaps add a car-free Monday too to your calender. Choose between walking or taking the public transport to work. Or try hiring a bicycle for that day through Cyckul. Details: www.cykul.com/C2W

Cosmic play
This May, Earth and Mars are headed for their closest encounter in a decadea��in a phenomenon called opposition. And February 29 night to the wee hours of March 1 is the ideal window for stargazers to start following the celestial phenomenon, says Raghunandan Kumar of Planetary Society of India. Week after week, Mars will get closer and brighter. So head to your rooftops, with binoculars and telescopes in tow, and spot the non-twinkling object next to the moona��thata��s Mars. Details: ournewplanets.info

Love in mid air
Girls, take a cue from the Amy Adams-starrer Leap Day, and propose to your Mr Right. WLight helicopter for private useell, according to Irish tradition, a man cana��t refuse a womana��s proposal of marriage on February 29. Tradition or not, ita��s still a good idea for you take charge. You can make the moment memorable by popping the question mid-air. Heli Tours India offers private helicopter rides in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Fights subject to availability. Rs 85,000 for 30 min, Rs 1,25,000 for an hour.
Details: helitoursindia.com

Lend a heart 1Heart work
On this extra day in the year, take time out to visit Ashray Akruti, a non-profit organisation at Srinagar Colony which works with the hearing impaired children in the city. You can volunteer a few hours to help them in their daily chores, teach them handwriting, play cricket or cook a hot meal for them. Details: 40042250

29 reasons
Looking for excuses to do some shopping? Shoppers Stop has announced 29 offers scheme for the leap day. Online shoppers can avail a minimum of 29 percent discount on 29 brands from home decors, shirts, kids wear, sunglasses and accessories. Formal shirts from Arrow, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, casual wear from UCB, Park Avenue, Jack and Jones and womena��s wear from Gipsy, Aurelia are some of the brands that could be grabbed for a steal. Jack and Jones shirts from `1,200 onwards. Details: shoppersstop.com

Double funleapyear turrtuleR
Take the special luxury double decker train from Hyderabad to Guntur for a fun packed journey of six hours. Board the train at 11:30 pm from Hyderabad Kacheguda station and reach your destination Guntur Junction at 5:50 am. The train number 02118 also stops at Warangal and Vijayawada Junction.
Tickets: Rs 465 one way.
Details: irctc.co.in

Swim with the turtles
How about making the best of our proximity to Sri Lanka, with a night at Owl and the Pussycat in Thalpe. Fans of the Edward Lear poem will love the island’s newest boutique hotel, owned by property developers Reita Gadkari and Shane Thantirimudalige. A short drive from Galle, it has 17 rooms outfitted with handmade pieces by artists, both local and from as far off as Argentina. Learn to fish with stilt fishermen or make a date with the turtles that live off shore. From approximately `13,000. Box Office
Flights begin at Rs 7,125 onwards.
Details: otphotel.com

Want to spend the extra day at your own theatre? Head to Leonia Holistic Destinations at Bommaraspet to enjoy a fun time with your friends, family and relatives at your own box office. Big Cinemas at Leonia lets you hire the theatre for one show. Watch any movie of thata��s currently running and relax in the resort with your whole gang. Price: Rs 1,46,475 (inclusive of food for 465 seats) Details: 66400000
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