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With beans from Ghana and a Swiss formula, Schmitten and Hoppits launches in eight states

It was a year ago that we received word of a new chocolate factory being set up in Gujarat by Surat-based Rajhans Group. Twelve months down the line, they have not only launched their range of chocolates, but also roped in the charming Priyanka Chopra to swear that she will not share her slab of Schmitten with anyone. With Schmitten and Hoppits, the Rajhans Group not only marks their foray into the world of confectionery (they started with edible oil in 1990 and have since expanded into textile, real estate, entertainment and hospitality), but also their first product soon to be available pan-India. And we say a�?soona�� because the brand launched in eight states on September 8 a�� Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka a�� and plan to come full circle in the next two months.

In a quick chat with Zankhna Desai, senior project manager of Schmitten and Hoppits, we learn that the brand sources 90 per cent of their raw materials from Ghana. a�?We are sourcing cocoa powder, cocoa liqueur and cocoa mass from Ghana. Ours is a premium, luxury chocolate that is at par with Lindt and Cadbury Silk,a�? she says, before explaining that under Schmitten (as you can tell, a play on the word smitten) they offer slabs of chocolate (four 44 per cent dark and three milk variants) while under Hoppits they offer bars (think dark chocolate with granola and fruits, roasted almond with white nougat, etc, targeted at the a�?youtha�?). While they are still working out their distribution channels, in Chennai the chocolates are currently available in select retail outlets in Anna Nagar, Shozlingnallur, Perungudi, Thiruvanmiyur, Adyar and Besant Nagar.
Schmitten is priced from Rs.25 (25 gms) to Rs.85, Hoppits from Rs.25 to Rs.40. Details: schmitten.co

a��A�Ryan Peppin