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    Jewellery designer Farah Khan Alia��s new line, Ornati, is chic and aspirational


    For celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, Ornati is a pet project that reveals her own personal taste. Inspired by the fun-loving, fearless and feminine charm of every youthful heart, the collection, she says, a�?is minimalistic in style yet it is a statement jewellery and I guess that is me.a�?
    It is a selection of ornate and adventurous designs, and features colourful jewels for the fashion-conscious woman who revels in her own identity and loves to stand out in a crowd. a�?This is the first time I have attempted to do jewellery that is directed towards a mass audience. It is fashionable, stylish and yet pocket friendly,a�? says Ali, who was in the city for the collectiona��s launch at Phoenix Market city.
    The line-up
    The collection has three lines a��Pastel Petals, Sonnet, and Ayin. The first range includes earrings, rings and pendants designed with unusual crafted sorbet-coloured gemstones, accented with scattered diamonds. Ayin takes a modern look into the protective evil eye, which forms the cornerstone of this range.
    And the Sonnet in inspired by ballroom elegance, reviving the old-world glamour of Baguette cut diamonds, with the rosy reds, graceful greens, breathtaking blues. a�?The Pastel Petal line is one of my favourites. The stones were cut especially for this line, and were made to fit the design keeping the shape, thickness and proportion in mind. Since we launched in spring, the colour palette includes Chalcedony greens, rose quartz pinks, and moonstone whites,a�? Ali says.

    ` 8,500 onwards.
    Details: caratlane.com
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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