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We often see fusion dishes as the trending food in many restaurants, but ita��s not often that you see food thata��s part organic where some of the ingredients are plucked from live micro-greens. Well, the newly-opened casual dine restaurant IndiBlaze at Hi-Tec City functions just that way. You can customise the layers of carbohydrates, proteins, greens, fats and even sauces and get your meal your way.

The decor
As you enter, the restaurant looks like any other international fast food chain. But look closely and yousee live kitchen stations with cooks preparing a Porotilla or packing an Edi Bowl. The decor is kept swanky with interesting graffiti on the wall complete with food charts and walls in bright red and yellow hues with expansive seating area. The large glass windows face the Cyber Towers. They have open display refrigerators that stock cold drinks and the guests can choose from different flavours such as guava, pineapple, lemon, kokum and even custard apple.

The platter
The brainchild of chefs Sanjay Thumma and Vikram Simha, the restaurant is a fast food chain but not the usual ones that metropolises boast of. Say the food experts in unison, a�?We want people to try fresh and clean food, thata��s why we have open kitchens. People eat fast food without realising that it comes loaded with too many preservatives which is not good for health.a�? They call it a�?good food in a flash.a�� They prepare their own sauces. You can customise your food, which is almost a complete meal. For example we chose Edi Bowl. We chose the edible bowl made with cornflour and herbs. In this we asked the chef at the counter to put a layer of brown rice in the bowl followed by sauteed veggies, Himalayan Black beans, Corn Salsa, Diced Potatoes with Peri Peri, Grilled Chicken Lettuce, Chilies, Crushed Avocado topped with sour cream and grated cheese. You can choose your micro-greens that they keep live in tiny tubs or plastic bags. We chose beetroot which was pink in colour but slightly bitter in taste. You can choose micro-greens of carrot, garlic, mustard and even celery. The overall taste was nice. We chose Sriraja sauce made from the hot chili variety of Thailand. They also have Jalokia and mustard.

Price and portion
The portions are large enough to satiate for one person. The combination was filling and seemed ideal for lunch time. We washed it down with bottled lemon drink mixed with the pulp and juice of aloe vera. It was refreshing and decently priced Rs 35. What we also liked was that the food is served in bowls made of bio-degradable material. Other than the Edi Bowl they also have Hearty Bowl, IndiPizza, Porotilla, Hot Kebab Wraps, Mini Bowls. For true biryani lovers they have the biryani box that comes for as little as Rs 99.
Cleanliness quotient
The floors are spic and span kept clean continuously by the house-keeping staff. They also keep flies at bay with a fly racquet. Some may find the unisex washroom a dampener.
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