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    e were told in school not to copy during exams. It would get you in trouble with the teachers, your friends would look down on you as someone who has an empty top storey and your folks would throw the kitchen sink at you in embarrassment. It was okay to fail the test, but bringing in a�?bitsa�� was something no one wanted to get caught doing.
    When you watch a film and discover that much of it is lifted from another movie, you automatically form an opinion about the director or whoever is calling the shots. Many film posters, dialogues and screenplays have been photo-copied from better creative work, and this habit continues even today.
    In 2002, the Disco King of India, aka Bappi Lahiri, sued Aftermath Records (owned by Dr Dre) in a US federal court for copying a huge portion of his song, Thoda resham lagta hai, and using it on a track named Addictive, by Truth Hurts. The following year, Bappida was all smiles after he won the case. Ita��s a serious offence today if you are caught with your hands in someone elsea��s jar. Even ripping off a name from a show, a song or even a movie could land you in court.
    Originality might not be their forte, but the programming lot at Chennai Live 104.8 needs to read up and understand this definition: the practice of taking someone elsea��s work or ideas, and passing it off as onea��s own is plagiarism. They need to rethink their show name, Jigarthanda, which is from Hello FM. It was christened by SK Ramesh, the head of content of Hello FM, and the show did phenomenally well. Clearly goes to show that plagiarism has now entered the building and the station that is responsible will be remembered for their a�?honesta�� deed. See you next week.

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