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    Aarthi Varanasi kicked off her radio career with a private radio unit just around the phase two implementation of FM stations (over eight years ago). She had also attended a workshop of mine back then, where I noticed her hunger to learn, her attention to perfecting any lags and, most importantly, her love for the microphone. After a stint at Radio City and a sabbatical, she is now back on the air waves, hosting a show on Suryan FM in the breakfast time zone. A perfect mix of maturity and exuberance, hers is a voice that makes the soundscape vibrant. I caught up with Varanasi to find out more.

    How has the comeback been?
    It has been fun and challenging. Hosting a totally new show, a breakfast show at that, is a dream come true for me. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase. When you love your work, the outcome is definitely very satisfying and positive.

    What’s the show about?
    Chennai Mail is the show I host (from 7- 9 am). It’s about infotainment and music. We begin the show on a positive note, speaking on health and local happenings. Each day, a Chennai-based issue or topic is discussed, with experts giving their opinions. We also  invite callers to speak on the same.

    Why the love for the medium?
    I am a people’s person. I am very talkative and this medium lets me do what I like and be who I am. Being a trained singer, music is my first love and with good music playing all the time, I can perform my job even better. Radio helps me connect with people and express myself. This connect gives me happiness, motivation and makes me feel this is where I belong and this is what I love doing.

    Given a chance what kind of radio station would you like to create?
    Knowing fully well the power of the medium, I would like to voice and be part of social issues and good causes that require support and attention. I also want to play the best music and encourage new talent, keeping in mind the core of any station—the listener.

    Catch Varanasi light up your mornings, every Monday to Saturday, on Suryan FM 93.5. See you next week.

    — talkingradio@gmail.com
    The writer’s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.




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