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The last time I heard the word Zumba was in the 1991 Telugu film Kshana Kshanam starring the super gorgeous Sridevi, where she danced to a groovy tune that went something like Zumba aye aa zumba yeya. Almost 25 years later, I see the movie-loving Hyderabad going bonkers about Zumba, the dance, not the song this time.
Talk of working out, sets and reps or any such restrictive rules, a frown descends on every Hyderabadi face. But say Zumba, the contemporary free-form dance style, and they go like aye aye! The brainchild of Albert a�?Betoa�? Perez in the 90a��s, involving martial arts, aerobic movements and Latino music for some reason seems to have been custom-made for us here. Latin-Hyderabad, any connection?
Just as we put a Hyderabadi spin to all things non-Hyderabadi, we have adapted Latino Zumba to Telugu numbers. a�?Who cares about language? The electrifying Zumba that brings in loads of enthusiasm burns calories like no other workout does,a�? says Vijaya Tupurani, a certified Zumba guru. I was stumped to learn that we burn 800 calories with a single Zumba-full session. Thrice a week and we are all set!
I decided to check out this session at a wellness event and was amazed at its intensity. Not just me, everyone present from six to 60 years could not help but dance away with a big smile. Socialite and film actor-producer Lakshmi Manchu who was a special guest at the Sakshi Wellness event dropped other plans to stay back and shake a leg with us. An hour later, I was sweaty, energized and lighter.
Does one need to know to dance to learn Zumba? a�?Not necessary,a�? says Tupurani. Zumba movements are easy to learn and in just a few sessions one can sing Zumba aye, like Sridevi. If you are good, you can become a trainer and motivate the rest of your gang. While hitting the gym solo during working hours is not uncommon, what can be better than dancing in large groups to have fun and get fit? Adding on, there is no long term commitment and annual memberships. It is sheer magic with music. So before we gear up for the holiday season, why not give it a try?
(The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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